Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jakob turns 3 Today

It brings tears to my eyes as I sit and write your birthday post.

Jakob you are an amazing little boy. We love you so much.

We don't know the day or the time or even the place where you were born. But we celebrate with you this whole week the joy of your birthday and that you are turning 3 years old.

You have sure had ALOT of use out of your birthday present already. I wish it had an odometer, because there have been may miles put on your tractor.

Happy Birthday Jakob!
We love you,
Daddy, Mommy & Yay Yan

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Summer Story

This summer has been a great summer. The weather was hot and beautiful. We enjoyed hours at the cottage in the lake and on the boat.

Jakob is wearing his glasses more. He went to the doctor for his 3 month check up after his glasses and we have made a little progress It is very important that he wears them but it is very trying. We have had them back several times to be fixed already. Jakob has a couple back teeth coming in and has been fairly healthy. He recently had an ear infection, but is almost over that. He loves to swim in the lake and the pool. He got a new tractor for his birthday that he loves to ride. Pictures will come soon. Jakob is saying many more words and seems to learn new ones everyday. I can't believe he is going to be 3 tomorrow. Jakob doesn't really like to eat much, but when he does watch out. He loves hot dogs and cheese. Occasionally we can get a vegetable in him, but very limited.

Ethan is growing like a weed. He is still a peanut but he is getting much taller. He was just at the doctor and weighs 23 lbs at 19 months. He has graduated to the 10% percentile for weight and 25th% for height. He has just recently added 2 more teeth to his collection. He also has been pretty healthy. He seems to be favoring his left hand so he maybe a lefty. He loves to play basketball and baseball. Ethan is saying many more words as well. He is trying to keep up with Jakob and is doing pretty well, however I don't think he comprehends all of it. Ethan is a great eater. He really likes gummy worms and M&M's for treats. He also likes his peas.

The boys are doing great and love to play outside.
We have spent many weekends at the cottage with family and friends. We went to the Tractor Pulls, Horse Show and Farm night this summer. Mom is really branching out into the country.

Loved Summer, but excited for Fall to see all the new changes in nature and the boys.
Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall.
Rick, Mandi, Jakob & Ethan

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Night at the Farm

GG invited us to a night at the farm. We went on a hay ride and Jakob was able to sit and ride on tractors. Jakob LOVES tractors. Ethan had a fun time too.

Too much summer fun.
Rick, Mandi, Jakob & Ethan

Little More Summer Fun

Every Thursday the boys go to GG's house. She has a rocking horse that the boys ride on. GG plays the piano while the boys ride. YEE HA!
For a change, Jakob wanted GG to ride the horse. He even helped her get on. :-)

Then he played the piano so she could ride.
We had quite a rain storm this summer. One Saturday morning (while Rick was working) the boys went swimming in the "pond".

Boys will be boys. The water has since disappeared and we now have to mow the whole yard again. :-)
Loving Life,
Rick, Mandi, Jakob & Ethan

My Sister Graduated from College

In June Mary graduated from Baker. Yea, Congrats Mary.

June 2010

June was a great month. Jakob got a new bike, the boys love the cottage and they play outside all of the time.

Finally getting a chance to update the photos.
Rick, Mandi, Jakob & Ethan

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictures at the Park

Today we went to the park to try and get some pics of the boys. Nothing fancy, but here is what we came up with. Enjoy.

Jakob likes to imitate a boy in his Barney movie. He thinks it is so funny when the boy is pretending to sleep by the tree. He always runs to the base of the tree and pretends he is sleeping.
They would rather play in the water.

Hope you all had a great Tulip Time.
All our love,
Rick, Mandi, Jakob & Ethan